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A marina with yachts in Puerto Aventuras

Looking for a magical place where adventure blends with natural beauty? Puerto Aventuras is calling you! This earthly paradise located in the Riviera Maya invites you to live unforgettable experiences in a paradisiacal environment. In Puerto Aventuras, fun is guaranteed. Explore the coral reefs on a snorkeling or diving tour, discover the fascinating marine life swimming with dolphins, manatees, or rays. Don’t forget to enjoy the delicious Mexican gastronomy. Savor the typical dishes of the region in one of the restaurants overlooking the sea or enjoy a tropical cocktail while watching the sunset.


Puerto Aventuras is an ideal destination for couples, families or groups of friends. Here you will find everything you need for a perfect vacation: activities for all tastes, first-class accommodations, a wide gastronomic offer and a unique atmosphere that will captivate you.



History of Puerto Aventuras: A Journey through time


In 1988, Puerto Aventuras was born, becoming the heart of residential and tourist demand in the Riviera Maya! This enchanting corner has been shaped with the mission of creating captivating experiences for visitors and enhancing the quality of life for those who call this community home.


Imagine a strategically located canvas, where beaches, reefs, coves, cenotes and jungle intertwine to form Puerto Aventuras. From its conception, this place was designed as the perfect retreat or starting point to explore the charms of the region. Early investments paved the way for a vibrant community with schools, cultural centers, museums and meeting spaces. Today, Puerto Aventuras is an international community where visitors discover our roots, and residents share a lifestyle based on values of community, unity and well-being.


Aerial view of puerto aventuras Playa



The Best Beaches in Puerto Aventuras


Fatima Bay


This stunning bay is a paradise for those who love swimming and snorkeling. Its calm, shallow waters create the perfect setting for carefree enjoyment. But the best is yet to come: this beach is ideal for the youngest members of the family. The calm, shallow waters, along with the fine sand that caresses your feet, make Fatima Bay the perfect destination for children, eliminating the need to wear water shoes.



Chan Yu Yum Beach


This heavenly corner is perfect for unwinding and immersing yourself in unique experiences, whether snorkeling or simply marveling at the abundant marine life. The water is so clear that, even without a mask, you can contemplate the seabed despite having it above your waist, there are some sharp rocks when you enter, but once you dive a little deeper, the experience improves considerably.



Puerto Aventuras Beach


This beach not only seduces solitary travelers in search of peace; it is also a family destination par excellence. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, this beach invites parents and children to enjoy unforgettable days together under the Caribbean sun. The gentle waves and fine sand are the perfect setting for the youngest members of the family to play and build sand castles.


Ocean view with palm trees What to do in Puerto Aventuras?



The Best Cenotes in Puerto Aventuras



Kantunchi Cenote


In this special natural park, the Mayan meaning of “mouth of yellow stone” comes to life through five amazing cenotes and a secret subway grotto. Imagine exploring the diversity of plants and animals while learning about the rich Mayan culture. Three tour options await you, each offering a unique opportunity to venture into the subway grotto and immerse yourself in the magic of the cenotes.



Cenote Cristalino


Discover the wonder of Cenote Cristalino, where quality service meets natural preservation without sacrificing the comfort you need. Restrooms, dressing rooms and rest areas make this cenote a perfect option for your visit. Explore its three open cenotes, including a small cave, ideal for snorkelers or those looking for a quiet day in the middle of nature. Whether with family, friends or even traveling alone, a fun time swimming, exploring the cave or enjoying the 3-meter natural platform awaits you.



Blue Cenote


One of the most beloved places in the Riviera Maya located right between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, its turquoise blue waters, shallow areas and its open cenote format make it a must visit. Get to know the different depths of this “L” shaped cenote, creating spaces for the whole family. Upon entering, you will discover the first two pools, with shade and fewer tourists, perfect for those who prefer cooler waters. We recommend the main swimming area, a natural pool divided in two: one deep and one shallower.



Jardin de Eden Cenote


This “open” cenote immerses you in the sunlight without domes or shadows, creating an environment that bustles with life in its waters and surroundings. This place is ideal for snorkeling, exploring caverns and rocky passages. For the more adventurous with experience, diving here is a preferred option for local divers, its characteristics make it the ideal place to rest or practice your best dives in the crystal clear waters.


Cenote in Puerto Aventuras



The Best Hotels in Puerto Aventuras


Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya


Discover the hidden paradise of Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya, an oasis in a secluded bay with a yacht marina. With dining options ranging from gourmet dishes to kid-friendly alternatives, Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya has everything to satisfy the desires of every member of the family.



Barceló Maya Palace


A dazzling 5-star luxury hotel located on the threshold of one of the Caribbean’s most dazzling beaches and embraced by the incomparable beauty of the Riviera Maya. This exclusive retreat has been meticulously designed to provide you with an unparalleled experience. Every corner exudes elegance in its details, and the amenities that adorn each space ensure that every moment of your stay will be truly unforgettable.



Puerto Aventuras Hotel & Beach Club


A hotel with the perfect location near beaches, tourist attractions and natural beauties in our place. The hotel has a gym, bar, restaurant and event room for you to celebrate special moments with your family and friends. The rooms offer the best views of the garden, pool or sea, and don’t miss the unique experience of our beachfront restaurant throughout the Puerto Aventuras complex.


Discover the best hotels in Puerto Aventuras Do you want 5, 4, 3 star hotels?


The Best Restaurants in Puerto Aventuras


Casa Sofia Puerto Aventuras


Located in the Plaza Marina in Puerto Aventuras, this restaurant offers excellent service with delicious food, from burgers to pastas. Despite having several options in Puerto Aventuras, I think you will not regret this culinary experience of feeling a little bit of Italy on your palate.



Palapa Manati


It has an incredible view of Dolphin Discovery Puerto Aventuras where authentic Mexican cuisine awaits you. Here we recommend trying the laing, the tender nachos or the homemade chicken, accompanied by an unbeatable beer. The attentive staff and great service make your experience even more enjoyable. Fair prices and an inviting atmosphere complete the visit to this cozy restaurant.



Dos Chiles Puerto Aventuras


A perfect restaurant to enjoy delicious Mexican, Latin and grill food in Puerto Aventuras, located in the Marina Shopping Center this place stands out for offering vegetarian and vegan options, adapting to various special diets. Its ample outdoor space gives you the opportunity to enjoy your meal while breathing fresh air and enjoying enchanting views.


The best restaurants in Puerto Aventuras



The Best Activities in Puerto Aventuras


Dolphin Encounters


Dolphin Dreams in Puerto Aventura is an exceptional destination in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Located in this idyllic resort, you will experience beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters, a natural habitat and a beautiful setting where our beloved dolphins, born under human care thanks to our internationally recognized successful breeding program, call home. Here, you will be able to connect with nature and feel the gentle ocean breeze.



Seal Activities


If you are an animal lover and are fascinated by marine life, you can’t miss the opportunity to live a unique experience in Puerto Aventuras: Swimming with seals. Here you will be able to observe these adorable creatures up close in their natural habitat. You will navigate through the crystal clear waters of the sea until you reach an area where the seals usually sunbathe and play on the rocks. On board the boat, an expert guide will provide you with fascinating information about these animals, their behavior and their importance in the ecosystem.



Swim with Manatees


Can you imagine swimming with gentle giants in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean? In Puerto Aventuras, your dream can come true. Here you have the unique opportunity to swim with manatees, docile and fascinating sea creatures. They are very social creatures and love to interact with humans. This experience is perfect for people of all ages and experience levels. No previous swimming experience is required and expert guides will be there to help you every step of the way.



Kayak and Paddle Board


With the kayak, you can paddle at your own pace and discover hidden coves and hidden beaches, while the paddle board will offer you a unique experience of balance and serenity. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these activities will allow you to connect with nature and enjoy the warm Mexican sun while having fun.





Imagine playing on a 9-hole golf course designed by the legendary Tom Lehman, surrounded by the lush natural beauty of the Riviera Maya. Be amazed by the views of the Caribbean Sea while you practice your favorite sport. Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner in this exciting sport, in Puerto Aventuras you will find everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable experience.



Fishing Activity


If you are passionate about fishing, Puerto Aventuras is your ideal destination. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a beginner in this exciting activity, in Puerto Aventuras you will find everything you need to live this activity in an unforgettable way. The crystalline waters of the Caribbean and the great diversity of marine species that inhabit them guarantee you a day of fishing full of emotions and adrenaline. You can opt for deep sea fishing in search of marlin, tuna or dorado, or bottom fishing to catch snapper, snook or jacks.



Catamaran Tour


Embark on a catamaran tour and enjoy an unforgettable day. Explore the coral reefs by snorkeling, swim with vibrant colorful fish and enjoy a delicious lunch on board while taking in the panoramic views of the coastline. Catamaran tours in Puerto Aventuras are perfect for couples, families or groups of friends. They are a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya and create memories that will last a lifetime.



Zipline and jungle tours


Feel the wind in your hair as you soar through the jungle canopy on a zipline adventure, followed by a guided nature walk to discover the secrets of the Mayan jungle.


Discover the best activities in Puerto Aventuras



The Best Events and Festivals in Puerto Aventuras



Day of the Dead Festival


With a series of activities that include a gastronomic show, artistic dance and music events as well as the traditional costume contests, the traditional Day of the Dead Festival is held every October 27th at the Puerto Aventuras City Hall.



International Food Festival


Delight your palate with a culinary adventure at the International Food Festival. Taste delicious dishes from around the world, from spicy Thai curries to mouthwatering Italian pizzas, all prepared by local and international chefs. Enjoy this event starting March 19 each year.



Fishing Tournaments


Test your angling skills and witness fierce competition at the exciting fishing tournaments that are held periodically, attract international participants and offer thrilling spectator experiences. The dates on which this event takes place are April 12 to April 14 each year.


Fishing Tournaments in Puerto Aventuras, the best activities to do in Puerto Aventuras



The Best Tips for Traveling to Puerto Aventuras


If you have chosen Puerto Aventuras as your next vacation destination, Puerto Aventuras awaits you with its paradisiacal beaches, exuberant nature and a wide variety of activities for all tastes. Puerto Aventuras awaits you with its paradisiacal beaches, its exuberant nature and a great variety of activities for all tastes. To make your trip perfect, here are some tips:


  • Book in advance: Puerto Aventuras is a popular destination, especially in high season, so it is important to book your accommodations and activities in advance.
  • Define your budget: Define how much you want to spend on lodging, food, activities and souvenirs.
  • Pack what you need: Don’t forget to bring comfortable and cool clothes, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, hat and sunglasses.
  • Stay in the right place: There are a variety of lodging options in Puerto Aventuras, from luxury hotels to apartments and villas. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.
  • Enjoy the beaches: The beaches of Puerto Aventuras are some of the most beautiful in the Riviera Maya. Relax under the sun, swim in the crystal clear waters and go snorkeling or scuba diving.
  • Explore nature: Puerto Aventuras is surrounded by unspoiled nature. Visit the natural park, hike through the jungle or swim in a cenote.
  • Taste the local gastronomy: Mexican cuisine is delicious and varied. Don’t miss the tacos, enchiladas, ceviche and cochinita pibil.
  • Take advantage of the activities: Puerto Aventuras offers a wide variety of activities for all tastes. You can swim with dolphins, visit the Mayan ruins of Tulum or take a catamaran tour.
  • Learn a few words in Spanish: Although English is spoken in Puerto Aventuras, learning a few words in Spanish will help you communicate with the locals.
  • Change your money to Mexican pesos: Although some places accept US dollars, it is advisable to change your money to Mexican pesos to get a better exchange rate.
  • Be respectful of the environment: Puerto Aventuras is a paradisiacal place. Take care of nature and do not leave garbage on the beaches or in the natural parks.


Want to discover the Best Tips for Traveling to Puerto Aventuras?



Prices in Puerto Aventuras




  • Vacation Lodging: around $2,700 MXN – 158 USD (Rent Portobello Gran Marina)
  • 4 star Hotel: around $3,340 MXN – 195 USD ( Puerto Aventuras Hotel & Beach Club)
  • 5 star Hotel: around $7,700 MXN – 458 USD ( Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya)




  • Bottle of milk (1 liter): about 22 MXN – 1.25 USD
  • Queso popular amarillo (1 kg): about 88 MXN – 4.9 USD
  • Beer of a well-known brand: about 58 MXN – 3.3 USD
  • Sausage (1 kg): about 111 MXN – 6.3 USD
  • Bottle of mid-range wine (one bottle): about 117 MXN – 6.6 USD



Nightlife in Puerto Aventuras


Immerse yourself in the exuberant nightlife of Puerto Aventuras, where bars, discos and restaurants offer an endless feast of fun. From national and international drinks to the most exciting musical shows, the party comes alive in emblematic places like the Nauti Burro and the vibrant Jaguar Nightclub.



The Pub


Offering delicious Mexican cuisine with surprisingly generous portions of dishes, The Pub has something for everyone. Don’t miss their well-prepared pancakes, enticing ice cream and spectacular selection of drinks, from beer on tap to piña coladas and margaritas. The prices are reasonable, and the interesting atmosphere has won over several of their customers.



Jaguar’s NighClub


This nightclub is the perfect complement to a perfect night out as it has a fantastic scene so entertainment is guaranteed with international music and good drinks. Located inside the Barcelo Maya Palace hotel complex.



Munchy’s Sport Bar


Located inside the Puerto Aventuras Marina, this bar brings the night to life with live music that will make you vibrate. The success of this place would not be possible without its incredible staff, always ready to provide fast and friendly service. Here, many customers agree that the prices are attractive and that the dining experience blends perfectly with the feeling of beauty in an exotic environment.


Munchy's Sport Bar - The Best Bar Restaurants



Theme Parks in Puerto Aventuras


Kantunchi Ecopark


Its name in Mayan language means “mouth of yellow stone”, reveals just a hint of its mystery. This ecological park, located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, invites you to immerse yourself in a unique jungle experience, where magic awakens in every corner. Discover the wonder of five amazing cenotes and a subway grotto that will transport you to a subterranean world of unparalleled beauty.



Puerto Aventuras Marina


From this privileged enclave, discover a world of possibilities within reach of your boat. Sail along the paradisiacal coasts and islands of the Mexican Caribbean, exploring infinite destinations awaiting your arrival. Just a few nautical miles away, you’ll find jewels such as the Mujeres Islands, Cozumel, Contoy and Holbox, as well as Chinchorro, the shores of Belize and many other Caribbean treasures.



Dolphin Dreams Puerto Aventuras


Strategically located just 25 minutes north of Playa del Carmen and just 20 minutes south of the legendary ruins of Tulum. Dolphin Dreams features pristine beaches embraced by turquoise waters, creating a natural habitat and dazzling scenery. Here, top-quality facilities provide a home for our adorable dolphins, born under human care thanks to our successful, internationally recognized breeding program.


Dolphin Dreams Puerto Aventuras



Where is Puerto Aventuras located?

Wondering where Puerto Aventuras is? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you: it’s on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, right there. If you want to see exactly where it is, check out the map below. You’re going to love this place, it’s a coastal gem worth exploring!


map location of Puerto Aventuras



How To Get Around To Puerto Aventuras




Although tempting for outdoor fun, be aware of the distances involved. From most resorts to the main marina is between 5 and 7 km (one way). After a day of activities, it may not be the most comfortable option. However, experienced riders can find scooter rentals in town for around $200 MXN per day.





More manageable than scooters, but still with the distance factor. Renting a bike can be a fun way to see the sights near your accommodation, but to venture further afield, consider other options. Rentals start at around $150 MXN per day.





A practical option, but be aware that fares can be steep, especially for long distances. A cab from the airport to Hotel Xcaret, one of the farthest resorts, can cost more than 600 MXN. Shared vans from the airport offer a cheaper option for about 150 MXN per person.





One of the best ways to explore Puerto Aventuras and the Riviera Maya is by renting a car. You will have the freedom to set your own pace and access hidden beaches, cenotes and other off-the-beaten-path gems. Rental rates vary depending on the season and type of car, but you can expect to pay around 1,000 MXN per day for a basic compact car.



Safety in Puerto Aventuras


At this oasis of tranquility, security is a priority. This resort offers a quiet and safe environment for you to enjoy your vacation without worries.


The complex has a comprehensive security system that includes:


  • 24/7 Surveillance: A team of professional security guards is present throughout the complex 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Security cameras: Closed-circuit surveillance cameras monitor the common areas of the complex to ensure the safety of visitors.
  • Access control: Access to the complex is restricted to residents, owners and guests.
  • Rapid response: In case of any emergency, the complex has a rapid response team that is ready to act immediately.



Weather in Puerto Aventuras


Sun-drenched days


  • Average daytime temperatures hover around 82°F (28°C) year-round, with highs reaching 90°F (32°C) in the summer months.
  • Even in the “cooler” months of December and January, highs still average 25°C (77°F), perfect for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing.



Refreshingly breezy


  • The Caribbean trade winds maintain a pleasant breeze, keeping the air from becoming too stifling.
  • Occasional showers may occur, but they are usually brief and refreshing, and quickly give way to clear skies and sunshine.



Seasonal Variations


  • The dry season runs from December to April and offers the most consistent sunshine and the least amount of rain.
  • The rainy season, May through November, features slightly higher humidity and more frequent rainfall, but rarely interrupts outdoor activities.


What is the best season to vacation in Puerto Aventuras? - Seasonal Variations





You have unraveled the charms of Puerto Aventuras through this travel guide. This destination presents itself as a unique haven that perfectly combines exclusivity and safety. From its white sand beaches to the captivating experiences with marine life, every corner of Puerto Aventuras invites you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and enjoy unforgettable moments.


Lodging options, from luxurious resorts to cozy boutique hotels, guarantee a stay tailored to your desires. The variety of activities, from swimming with dolphins to exploring magical cenotes, promises adventures for all tastes. In addition, the rich gastronomic offerings and vibrant nightlife ensure that your palate and spirit will delight with every experience. Puerto Aventuras stands as a complete destination that fuses the serenity of its beaches with the excitement of its activities.



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