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Discover What to do in Xpu-Ha: Travel Guide

Discover What to do in Xpu-Ha: Travel Guide

Can you imagine a place where the serenity of nature is combined with exciting adventures? Xpu-Ha is waiting for you. This hidden corner of the Riviera Maya is perfect for those looking for a unique getaway, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and rich culture. In our guide, we'll take you through the best lodging options, from cozy boutique hotels to luxurious beachfront resorts. We'll show you the...

A marina with yachts in Puerto Aventuras

Discover What to do in Puerto Aventuras: Travel Guide

Looking for a magical place where adventure blends with natural beauty? Puerto Aventuras is calling you! This earthly paradise located in the Riviera Maya invites you to live unforgettable experiences in a paradisiacal environment. In Puerto Aventuras, fun is guaranteed. Explore the coral reefs on a snorkeling or diving tour, discover the fascinating marine life swimming with dolphins, manatees, or rays....

Couple in the water snorkeling with turtles in Akumal

Discover Akumal: Best Activities, Accommodations & More

If you are looking for the perfect destination that combines history, dreamy beaches, magical cenotes and spectacular cuisine, look no further. This Akumal travel guide will take you on an informative and exciting tour, revealing all the secrets of this Mexican paradise.   History of Akumal   Akumal, which means "Place of Turtles" in Mayan, is a charming tourist destination on the coast...

Bacalar guide what to do in bacalar Bacalar: Travel Guide

Discover what to do in Bacalar: Travel Guide

Welcome to the most complete travel guide to Bacalar! Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in this paradisiacal destination located in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Here you will discover important aspects about how to get to this corner of paradise, estimated costs, the best options to move around the area and where to stay to live an unforgettable experience.   Once you have...

Aerial view of two cruise ships and a bridge in Mahahual

Mahahual Travel Guide: Secrets, Beaches and Unforgettable Adventures

Welcome to the Definitive Mahahual Travel Guide, your virtual compass to discover all the charms of this paradisiacal destination on Mexico's Caribbean coast. If you are wondering what makes Mahahual unique, how to get there, what activities it offers and what is the best way to enjoy this Caribbean jewel, you are in the right place.   History of Mahahual   Originally a small fishing...

Aerial view of a cruise ship over the sea in Cozumel

Cozumel Travel Guide: Everything you Need for your Perfect Trip

In this travel guide to Cozumel we explore the historical charms, dreamy beaches, mysterious cenotes, cozy hotels, flavorful restaurants, and exciting activities that make Cozumel a unique destination. Get ready to immerse yourself in the cultural and natural richness of this Mexican paradise.   History of San Miguel de Cozumel   The history of San Miguel de Cozumel is like an epic movie...

A beachfront lighthouse in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos: The Hidden Paradise of the Riviera Maya

Puerto Morelos is the hidden treasure of the Riviera Maya. In this travel guide, we'll unravel the best-kept secrets of this enchanting Mexican corner. From dreamy beaches to magical cenotes, cozy hotels, and flavors that will delight your palate, get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of Puerto Morelos.   History of Puerto Morelos   Nestled along the stunning shores of...

Statistics of people who move to Mexico

Why Americans Move to Mexico: Cost, Safety, Retirement & More

Imagine a life with stunning beaches, a vibrant cultural blend, and a rhythm that lets you savor every moment. It's no wonder why Americans move to Mexico as their ultimate destination. In this guide, we uncover the allure drawing people southward—discussing the work-life balance, the thriving outdoor lifestyle, and the cultural richness that beckons.   Join us as we delve into the...

A purple skull representing the Day of the Dead.

Day of the Dead: A Mexican Celebration Full of Tradition and Color

Day of the Dead, best known as "Día de Muertos" is one of Mexico's most emblematic festivities, is a unique celebration that combines indigenous and Catholic elements to honor loved ones who have passed away. Throughout this article, we will explore the various aspects of this holiday, from its historical roots to the colorful traditions that characterize it.   The meticulously decorated altars...

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