Xexen y Xakah Tulum Condos for Sale

  • From $109,745/USD
La Veleta, Tulum, Quintana Roo, México
New Construction Deals and Steals Opportunity
Xexen y Xakah Tulum Condos for Sale
La Veleta, Tulum, Quintana Roo, México
  • From $109,745/USD

Available Units


Studio Condo for sale in Tulum


1 Bedroom Condo for sale in Tulum


Xexen y Xakah is a residential development with 26 studios and apartments divided in two buildings, plus great amenities: rooftop, infinity pool, lounge chairs, rooftop bar, private plunge pools in every unit, controlled access, reception, security, etc.




Xexén & Xakáh is our newest apartment complex located in the sacred land of Tulum, as part of a majestic ecosystem where spirituality and modernity coexist perfectly. Includes 26 apartments divided in two four-level buildings: Garden, Half Low, Half High and Rooftop.


Xexen y Xakah Tulum exclusive apartments were created for people who enjoy luxury but also are looking for an opportunity to find that inner peace that comes from disconnecting from the routine and the trivial things of life, looking forward to finding a balance in our Mayan territory.




Xexen y Xakah is located in Tulum, a magnificent destination that preserves the Mayan culture, you can be amazed either by archeological oceanfront Mayan ruins or the sacred jungle around it. Tulum: An exclusive and cosmopolitan beach town strategically located 1.5 hours far from Cancun International airport. Find your inner peace.


Xexen y Xakah is in a top location of Tulum: La Veleta, an exclusive neighborhood, where you will be surrounded by everything you need, supermarkets and all the services in downtown Tulum, nightlife and the finest restaurants at Tulum’s hotel zone at 12-minute bike ride, ecotourism activities, cenotes and the most spectacular Beach in Quintana Roo only 10 minutes away.




Our ancestors were able to see beyond ordinary. The Mayan cosmovision and its legends are a true proof of the eternal link between humanity and the universe in all the different ways of energy. The same way cosmos needs balance to allow everything to coexist in harmony.




The story of two Mayan brothers named Kinich and Tizic explains that Kinich’s kindness was, without a doubt, the reason all people used to look up to him; on the other hand, Tizic was arrogant and known for being flint-hearted. They both met Nicte-ha, a gorgeous Mayan muse who stole their hearts.


The Brothers wooed her and asked her to choose one of them. Nicte-ha, unable to make a decision, provoked a dispute that ended up in both of the brothers fatally dead. She was devastated until she eventually died alone and broken-hearted. After their death, the brothers arrived to the Xibalba (The Mayan underworld) and fought the gods, which eventually sent their spirits back to earth to pursuit the balance and natural order of life.


Tizic reincarnated as Chechen as well as Kinich did as Chaca, the first one is a tree that could be toxic to whoever touches it and the second is the antidote to it, normally you can find them close to each other. The gods were kind with Nicte-ha since she was able to reincarnate as a beautiful floating flower.





Common areas


  • Rooftop
  • Infinity pool
  • Lounge chairs
  • Rooftop bar
  • Controlled access
  • Reception
  • 24/7 Security


All units include


  • Kitchen
  • Closets
  • Full bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Terrace
  • Private plunge pool
  • Utility Room






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