Oniric Tulum | Apartments for Sale

  • From $189,905/USD
Region 8, Tulum, Quintana Roo, México
New Development Financing 30/70 Friends & Family
Oniric Tulum | Apartments for Sale
Region 8, Tulum, Quintana Roo, México
  • From $189,905/USD

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1 Bedroom Condo for sale in Tulum


2 Bedroom Condo for sale in Tulum


3 Bedroom Condo for sale in Tulum


2 Bedroom Penthouse for sale in Tulum


3 Bedroom Penthouse for sale in Tulum


ONIRIC is a 27 condos low-density development with 1, 2 and 3-bedroom typologies. Due to privacy as a prime consideration, none of the apartments have crossed views. Each has assigned parking, a private pool and depending on the level, a private rooftop or garden.




Oniric Condos are located in Region 8, the closest to the beach in Tulum, placing Oniric Tulum in the heart of unique exclusive real estate spot.


• Region 8 is the newest early-investment area in Tulum, forecasting high capital gains.
• At a main road, Guardianes Maya Ave. and with easy access through 65 Ave.
• 5 minutes from the beach and 7 minutes from downtown Tulum, only 500 m away from Av. Kukulkan that leads to the beach.




Tulum is known worldwide as the crown jewel of the Riviera Maya. Nestled in the heart of the age-old Maya civilization, its unique surroundings are characterized by dense low jungle, the spectacular beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, and the natural phenomenon of crystal-clear, freshwater cenotes or sinkholes, which are unique worldwide.


Tulum is also known for its Boho Chic lifestyle, a combination of casual living characterized by luxury features, such as world-class restaurants and beach clubs, and a rich social makeup comprising traditional festivals, art exhibitions and cultural events, along with a full range of wellness activities and a fun-loving, cosmopolitan social circle.


Oniric Tulum


Oniric Apartments are designed to provide the ultimate in privacy, exclusivity and luxury, along with easy, practical access to the outside world.


Oniric adj: of, relating to, or suggestive of dreams and images or events imaggined while asleep. Throughout history dreams have given rise to countless creative advances, both in the arts and in the sciences. Dreams arise from our subconscious and are an essential source of inspiration for our creativity.


The sources of Oniric Tulum include bretons surrealist manifesto, te eccentric, sometimes impossible constructions of m.c. escher, and the fractal geometry found throughout nature, Our aim is to inspire ONIRIC’s property owners and guests by surrounding them with fantastical backdrops, using architecture as a means of sparking their creativity.


Imaination is everythhing, it is a preview of lifes coming attraction, – Albert Einstein



ONIRIC Tulum revolves around four design concepts


  • Nature
  • Awareness
  • Architecture
  • Community


Playful, eye-catching, and more than a little mysterious, the centerpiece of the development is flower-shaped, comprising a cylinder with a diameter spanning almost 20 meters, inspired by one of the most iconic cenotes in the region. This dream-like cenote contains stairs that appear to float, seemingly coming out of nowhere and ending in nothing. On looking up from the cenote pool, the ever-changing sky and clouds appear framed like a painting.


The design incorporates elements of surrealism, nature’s non-linear geometrical patterns, and an ever-changing play of light, shade, and water in constant movement. The emphasis is on creating a transformative experience for homeowners and guests alike, by providing a source of inspiration designed to boost creativity. Another key element we included on designing the development was feng shui – the art of featuring elements that provide balance, harmony and good fortune for all involved in the project.


Amenities and services


The development offers amenities for mind, body and soul (detox and retox areas). The inspiration behind ONIRIC’s amenities stems from our knowledge of the most requested experiences reserved on Airbnb in Tulum.




A platform for the co-creation and transformation of dreams through architecture The aim was to meet both the functional and artistic expectations that reflect Tulum’s unique personality. We therefore proposed an architectural style that incorporated its essence, while also providing it with its own, different, surrealistic and dream-like personality, to be discovered not at first sight but through various tours, giving rise to sensorial sequences designed to enrich the daily rituals of its inhabitants.


Such sequences are connected by the circular patio in which experiences, interactions, life, light, shadow, sound, silence, the communal and the individual come together; the balanced nucleus is the essence of the project.



The origin


Oniric Tulum arose with the purpose of turning surreal ideas and dreams into matter. Those ideas and dreams are reflected in forms that play with light and shade, in which the passing of the day takes center stage, revealing itself on a series of volumes and spaces that capture time as a sundial would.


The development’s spaces revolve around a central circular patio submerged by the central pool and by reflecting pools: this patio begins at the basement and opens up fully to the infinity of the sky, framing it and letting the sun come through, thus creating sparkles and shadows on the latticework that delimits it. This latticework bathes the interior spaces with light during the day, and then at night becomes a giant lamp that lights up the hollow patio.


In the basement we find a balance and, simultaneously, various different identities among the common spaces, which are all joined by the passing flow of water: on one side is the wellness center (Detox), and on the other the secret wine cellar/gourmet kitchen (Retox). These areas cannot be seen directly, but are nevertheless joined by a path of submerged steppingstones that circle the central pool.





Founded in 2015 and based in Playa del Carmen, it has forged a solid reputation based on its experience, integrity and emphasis on client service. Our mission is to facilitate and materialize our investors’ dreams, be an effective communication channel and share our clients’ passion for choosing their dream property.


We believe in the value of working in a transparent fashion so as to forge long-term relationships with our clients and assist them through each stage of the buying process. This goes hand in hand with our love of Mexico, its people, beaches, and jungle. We believe in improving the community we live in and in offering the certainty of making a sound decision. We enjoy sharing our passion for the sea, beach culture, the environment and sustainable development.


At Oniric Tulum, we have found non-competition to be an excellent working formula and believe in collaborating with large companies involved in the development of our Caribbean destination. We are a bicultural, enterprising, 100% Mexican firm, with over 10 years’ experience in real estate. We are experts in marketing boutique luxury developments with high value added. We invite you to contact us so that together we can explore all the real-estate options available in the Riviera Maya for your benefit.





  • Swimming pool
  • Hanging gardens
  • Rooftop pool
  • Reflecting pool/fountain
  • Speakeasy with a food and wine pairing dining area
  • Wine cellar and kitchen
  • Massage area
  • Yoga and meditation area
  • Temazcal (sweat lodge)
  • Ice bath
  • Coworking
  • Green areas
  • Garbage chute
  • Lobby Security
  • Elevator
  • Alocated parking






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