Nuup Tulum Region 8 | Condos for Sale

  • From $190,000/USD
Region 8, Tulum, Quintana Roo, México
New Development Financing 30/70 Friends & Family Lock-Off
Nuup Tulum Region 8 | Condos for Sale
Region 8, Tulum, Quintana Roo, México
  • From $190,000/USD

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Nuup Region 8 Tulum is a housing complex made of 40 apartments with a private pool, distributed on four levels with their respective amenities and social meeting areas. It has 24 one-level apartments, 12 loft apartments on two levels and 4 penthouses.




Nuup Apartments are developed in six buildings that make up their entirety, outdated at each level, achieving a staggering that generates terrraces and movements in the interior and exterior facades. In this way, the natural shape of the land is taken advantage of to make the most of the surface to be worked and not generated poorly used or disused spaces.


Nuup Tulum has 6 buildings located in the center of the property are made up of three of them identical in typology, another two identical with another typology and sixth buildings that houses the reception, amanities and apartments according to the level where you are located.




Nuup Condos are located in region 8 within the city of Tulum in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Nuup Region 8 is located only 4 minutes to the beach, and it is one of the closest developments to the hotel zone. Enjoy the magic of being surrounded by the jungle and beautiful view of the ocean from the rooftop.




Nuup in Mayan languagge means union or connection, reinterpreting thhe relationshhip between te nature and man. Based on te desired interaction between thhe users who inhabit the project and the building to be located, in conjunction with the existing native vegetation of the place and the new one to be located. Encouraging the use of amenities so that users grow a sense of belonging to the place and can develop as society as long as they remainas a whole.




Nuup Tulum uses materials and finishes from the region, they are proposed in natural tones to mimic the context through finishes such as chukum in exteriors and interiors, natural stone on adjoining walls as a contrast between the polished finishes and the roughness of stones.


For the interior floors it was chosen for the use of travertines and cumaru wooden planks for the showers and in the exterior stone, wooden deck and garden with the intention of highlighting the natural rustic appearance of the Mayan jungle and in the interiors a natural and warm appearance. Use of parota wood for furniture and doors and matte black gates to highlight the light elements of the building.


The implementation of native vegetation at all levels through planters that generates privatization of the spaces as well as attractive visuals that give way to a more direct integration between nature and the user who will inhabit the project.





  • Rooftop pool
  • Fitness Gym
  • Yoga space
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Work Area
  • Parking
  • 3 Elevators
  • Lobby
  • Security 24/7






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