Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences

  • From $308,635/USD
Aldea Zama, Tulum, Quintana Roo, México
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Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences
Aldea Zama, Tulum, Quintana Roo, México
  • From $308,635/USD

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MAYALIAH TULUM is a residential project with 95 private residences and 45 hotel guest rooms sorrounded by nature, where culture and a beach lifestyle merge to créate a unique place. Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences has spectacular amenities, such as: Pool Oasis, Pool Bar, Rooftop Bar, Restaurants, Gym, spa, coworking, security, etc.


Location with a soul


Mayaliah Tulum is located on the dazzling Caribbean coastline to the east of the Yucatán Peninsula, Tulum is a Riviera Maya gem. This tropical paradise offers white sands and crystalline turquoise seas as well as lush jungle, teeming coral reefs and azure lagoons in spectacular cenote sinkholes. Tulum is also famed for its ancient Mayan ruins, including the spectacular El Castillo, perched on a coastal clifftop.


Tulum is ever fashionable, the town’s a bastion of eco-bohemian style, a chic destination imbued with spirituality, and an elegant place where you can combine exploring nature with a beachside lifestyle and wellness retreats. A raw and authentic town, Tulum pueblo is the place to encounter local culture. It’s a nirvana for food lovers, with colorful and tasty cuisine. Magical Tulum is an exclusive destination for sophisticated and discerning travelers.


Aesthetics inspiration


Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences is a timeless, eco-chic paradise set in jungle, nestled among luxuriant tropical greenery and celebrating the millennia-old rhythm of local life. Organic aesthetics… it has an external design reflecting the ever-changing and rejuvenating face of nature, surrounded by abundant flora and touched by the shapes and textures of rippling water.


An interior incorporating the colors and patterns of nature into decorative features, designed and crafted locally to create a harmonious blend with its lush surroundings. An elegant eco-style showcasing soft neutral colors, local materials and tropical woods.


Mayaliah Tulum is a “jungle eco-house” with character, and beguiling outdoor and indoor living spaces where nature becomes design, a village within a village, an invitation to explore, to meet your tribe, to work, play, eat, sleep, meditate or dance… A place to simply exist and experience the revitalizing and soothing energy of Tulum. A carefully curated property displaying local artworks and hosting exhibitions in its public areas, celebrating the artistic traditions of Mayaliah.



Mayaliah Tulum Hotel and Residences by MGallery


A tropical oasis, a peaceful and sheltered spot in the heart of an organically curated property, where nature and culture merge to shape a unique local venue with international stature. The name “Mayaliah” is evocative of the ancient and indigenous Mayan culture, with mystical and feminine connotations swirling around it; its symbol recalls the amazing natural cenotes found in and around Tulum; its circular, spiral-like shape mirrors the artistic, community-focused and spiritual dimensions of the property.


Mayaliah Tulum by MGallery is set between the town and the jungle on the road leading to the sea, 2 km from Tulum and the beach, and 5 km from the Mayan Archeological Sites.


Perfectly grounded and immersed in nature.


Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences is a sensory fusion of nature and design to create an intense connection with the earth, while gazing up at the moon and stars in the night sky. A luxurious tropical hideaway with a barefoot vibe, a place where guests feel like privileged explorers.


The lush flora provides shade while rays of sunlight filter through the palm trees. Neutral colours, natural linens, and subtle Mayan-inspired designs in spacious and welcoming rooms, intimate sanctuaries immersed in the jungle. A feeling of weightlessness and freedom, yet anchored in nature


To connect with people and local ethos.


Mayaliah Tulum is touched by the energy of the Pueblo Mágico of Tulum and its ancestral Mayan spirit. Experience Tulum’s heritage and culture with local dishes and drinks, generous hospitality, and cultural events including art exhibitions. This is a fashionable hideaway where guests can escape everyday life and concerns to meet and converse with refreshing honesty and spontaneity.


Here you can marvel at nature’s abundance and fill your spirit with joy. Faithful to Tulum’s spirit, the culture at Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences by MGallery inspires profound human connections.


For a memorable and rejuvenating journey.


Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences is a palpable sense of privilege and luxury, at a mystical and stunning spot. Warm, genuine and welcoming hospitality, outstanding service, and an engaging manner create a sense of belonging. A journey of spiritual rebirth with yoga classes and spa treatments.


The vibrant pueblo and awe-inspiring Mayan ruins, plus natural treasures like the cenotes and white-sand beaches, are all part of the Mayaliah Tulum journey. Here you’re on an uncharted path, focusing on what’s really important in life… celebrating the beauty of nature, life and spirituality.


An encounter with an unknown


This extraordinary space is slowly emerging from the jungle, with 95 branded private Residences celebrating the peace and harmony of nature, yet surrounded by incredible amenities. An artisan mall offers an unparalleled taste of local flavors, colors and textures, and the boutique hotel offers 45 bespoke guest rooms capturing the very essence of relaxation and happiness.


The ultimate in luxury


Mayaliah Tulum Residences by MGallery are framed by the surrounding natural beauty, heightening the enjoyment of every moment spent in this pristine environment. At every turn, you will come across a feature that distills the very best of the locale and enhances it to offer you peaceful, relaxing and inspiring experiences. Each Residence is much more than a vacation home, it is where relaxation meets with true contentment.


A new lifestyle destination inspired by Mayan traditions.


Mayaliah Tulum sophistication lies in simple yet profoundly thoughtful details: windows with inspired views, decks angled to catch whispering sea breezes, and fabrics as soft to the touch as they are gentle on the eye. The Residences are exclusive sanctuaries for discerning owners who appreciate meticulous attention to detail and the relentless pursuit of enduring quality.


Caring for your inner well-being


At Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences by MGallery, we believe that well-being is a complete experience, focused on self-care. We provide inspiration to nourish the mind, body, and soul to become the most authentic version of yourself through memorable exclusive experiences that inspires lifelong memories.


Private facilities are developed for the exclusive enjoyment of Residence owners, and not available to Hotel guests. While Residence owners value the access they enjoy to the Hotel, private facilities are important to luxury residence purchasers.


Core Services.


Mayaliah Tulum available services to all Residence owners and is included in the service charge, the carefully curated list of core services includes:


  • Residence Owner Relations Manager
  • Concierge
  • Doorman & Valet
  • Security
  • Accor Ownership Benefits Program (Annual Fee)
  • Common Area Maintenance
  • Common Area Housekeeping
  • WiFi internet in the Residence Lounge and all public áreas
  • Property Insurance (for the base building and common areas)


A la Carte


Mayaliah Tulum optional services, bespoke A La Carte Services are subject to extra charges. When a Residence owner reserves an A La Carte Service, the cost will be billed to their personal account. The Residence Concierge coordinates all A La Carte Services, providing a single point of contact to residents. They include:


  • In-residence catering by a personal chef
  • Personal trainers, yoga and fitness instruction
  • Shopping services from a personal assistant
  • Childcare
  • Dry cleaning & laundry
  • Private transportation
  • In-residence housekeeping (daily, or weekly)
  • In-residence maintenance
  • “While You Are Away” Maintenance Package
  • Turnkey in-residence maintenance solutions for Residents who usually live elsewhere


Ownership membership benefits


Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences by MGallery residents are eligible to participate in the Accor Ownership Benefits Program, rewarding them with VVIP status in MGallery hotels around the world.


Rental Solution for branded residences


Mayaliah Tulum Hotel & Residences can provide a rental program option for purchasers, with Accor acting as the program operator.


Arkham Project


Creation and metamorphosis of the dream through architecture. We regard ourselves as a platform for the creation of dreams through the use of architecture. Committed to creative projects that elevate people’s experiences, we design spaces that enhance the quality of life for their users.


Filipao Nunes Architects


A multidisciplinary studio of architecture and interior design, specializing in creating spaces that evoke sensory experiences. As our backstory shows, we strongly believe that we have to live, feel, touch and breathe architecture while maintaining a heartfelt respect for humanity and the local environment. We always nurture the relationship between both elements, while also meeting the needs of our clients, following the rules of modulation, scale, lighting and geometry.




As havens for those who relish memorable experiences, bespoke design and off-the-beaten-track moments, each address is remarkable for its singular personality and is deeply rooted in the destination’s history. At the very pulse of travel, MGallery’s adventurous guests instinctively seek out all of the rich experiences that go along with local discovery. MGallery hotels combine singularity, elegance and consideration, enticing guests’ hearts and minds with a distinctive style and décor. These unique properties are both inspiring and individually styled – places where travelers can delight in and fully discover the very best the world has to offer.




The creators of unique memories, we see ourselves as hosts and guides, here to create experiences and encounters connecting people to the beauty and culture of a place or community. Through integrated hospitality referencing the locale, the use of design and a sustainable building philosophy, we create matchless lifestyle moments crafted to become incredible memories.





  • Restaurants: Jungle Lounge and Mayan Grille
  • Lobby Lounge – Living Room
  • Pool Bar & Grille – Pool Oasis
  • Specialty Bar – Rooftop Bar & Kitchen
  • Gym and Juice Bar
  • Co-working Space
  • Wellness – Spa & Fitness
  • 24/7 Security





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