Lunara Akumal | Single-Family and Multi-Family Lots for Sale

  • From $89,994/USD
Akumal, Tulum, Quintana Roo, 77737, México
New Development Friends & Family Opportunity
Lunara Akumal | Single-Family and Multi-Family Lots for Sale
Akumal, Tulum, Quintana Roo, 77737, México
  • From $89,994/USD

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Single Family Land for sale in Akumal


Land of 2 Units for sale in Akumal


Land of 4 Units for sale in Akumal


Land of 6 Units for sale in Akumal


Lunara Akumal is a new residential development with single-family and multi-family lots of 2, 4, 6, 9, and 20 units for sale in Akumal. Lunara Riviera Maya will include the following amenities: Cenote club ( 7 cenotes within the conservation rings), clubhouse, commercial area, more than 40 hectares of conservation, swimming pool, children’s pool, jacuzzi, gym, business center, yoga space, paddle tennis courts, tennis court, pickleball court, basketball court, skate park, park, commercial area, pet park, wildlife walkways, orchard, movie theater, bike path and 24/7 security.





Lunara Riviera Maya is located in Akumal, a strategic place, on the Federal Highway Chetumal – Cancun kilometer 260, Riviera Maya, Mexico. Only 84 km from Cancun, 30 km from Playa del Carmen, and 34 km from Tulum.





Lunara Akumal is a new and exclusive residential development located in Akumal, in the heart of the Riviera Maya, that invites you to experience a new level of tropical living. Like rays of sunshine, a sea of sensations emanates from the heart of Lunara, where every detail is designed to delight your senses and enrich your daily life.


Lunara Akumal rises majestically with an architecture of high and monumental volumetry. Every corner reflects an elegant style that blends perfectly with the natural environment, creating a visual symphony that surrounds you with every step you take.


Designed from conservation rings that embrace and protect the seven cenotes, Lunara respects the native vegetation and local and migratory species, ensuring that the biological corridors remain connected.





We want Lunara Akumal to be a blue zone, as it will be a place where people can work the land in the organic garden, move freely and naturally through trails and bike paths, promote healthy eating, and offer activities that encourage a healthy and social lifestyle.





  • Relax in the cenotes
  • Be inspired by green corridors
  • Find a long-term place to call home





  • Eat plant-based meals in the organic garden
  • Enjoy with friends at the gastro club
  • Balance your diet





  • Connect with your family at the swimming pools, movies and games
  • Meet people in the sports area
  • Hang out with your tribe in the lounge and family areas





  • Pedal on the bike path and leave the car behind
  • Run in the heart circuit
  • Walk on the trails through the trees





All lots have a balance between clearing and native vegetation, ensuring the continuity of biological corridors. The density is gradual; from less to more. In this way, there is harmony in the whole. The commercial lots have two fronts, communicating with the residential area and the commercial area in a friendly way.


  • Single-family – 300 m2
  • Density of 2 units – 360 m2
  • Density of 4 units – 600 m2
  • Density of 6 units – 660 m2
  • Density of 6 units + 1 commercial – 760 m2
  • Density of 9 units – 760 m2
  • Density of 20 units – 2000 m2





When you are part of the Lunara community, you will enjoy many discounts


  • Beach clubs
  • Car rentals
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • And much more





  • Cenote club ( 7 cenotes inside the conservation rings)
  • Clubhouse
  • Commercial area
  • More than 40 hectares of conservation
  • Swimming pool
  • Children’s pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Gym
  • Business center
  • Yoga space
  • Paddle tennis courts
  • Tennis court
  • Pickleball court
  • Basketball court
  • Skating rink
  • Park
  • Commercial area
  • Pet park
  • Wildlife trails
  • Orchard
  • Movie theater
  • Cycle path





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