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2+1 Condo for sale in Tulum


Kune Tulum Condo is a project located in 101 Tulum, the most exclusive community and closest to the Caribbean Sea. Kune Tulum is designed to invite you to discover the jungle, live each moment intensely and awaken your senses while maintaining a spirit of wonder, wonder and surprise.


Kune Tulum Condo is located in the magical town of Tulum, which pulsates in connection with nature. A deep sense of what truly nourishes us, an emerging tourist culture, united by the beauty and charm of this mythical paradise.


Kune Tulum is a conscious and vibrant community. This community is located within the 101 hectares that draw a new destination where a wide range of activities meets; in an integral ecosystem that projects a philosophy in union with the roots, the land and the spirit of this wonderful place.





It is the destination that embraces a rich variety of meaningful experiences, touching all levels of human existence. Here a story is intertwined in three moments; three levels that scale to weave life itself: The underground, the earthly world and the sky. The roots, the trunk and the foliage. The water, the land and the air. One, Zero, One.


101 Tulum is the origin of everything, the zero point, where everything and everyone meet and connect. From the soil that nourishes the seed, the land we inhabit and the nature that protects us, to come into contact with everything that gives us life.


UNO ZERO UNO TULUM masterplan is comprehensive, conceptualized and designed to resonate with the different levels of life according to the local cosmogony. From refuges below ground level, trails to explore the surface, and viewpoints high up, every height and depth, an experience that connects us with a way of seeing life.


An enriched life whose music moves to the beat of water, earth and sky…




In the water, our senses awaken and we can feel the vital movement, creating a new type of Wellness that incorporates this fluid power and Mindfulness. Immerse yourself in a range of experiences in bodies of water, as well as spa, yoga, wellness and relaxation spaces




We are fortunate to receive abundant gifts, pleasures, and luxuries from the earth. A meal made with the fruit of the land that enriches us, the ability to move our body in the natural space, awakening our senses through everything that grounds us in our physical form and ecosystem. Awaken your senses with the flavors, aromas and colors in our market and orchard, focused on local commerce. Delight yourself with exquisite gastronomic experiences, activities to get in touch with the flora and fauna, participate in the conservation of species, and activate your body with various fitness programs.




In the mythical infinity that extends over our world, the wide sky that illuminates all life. The stars, the planets, and the clouds, everything that inhabits the sky seems to travel great distances, looking down on the entire world, shining on everything that exists. Rise in spaces of art, culture, entertainment, astronomy and music, without losing connection with the world through ideal environments for remote work.

Kune Tulum Condo connects to 101 Tulum through state-of-the-art mobility systems, a unique model of urbanization and living space, in a variety of formats as wide as nature demands. Reminiscent of a Mayan sacbé, those ancient roads and paths that connected the entire territory under its charge under the everlasting guidance of the stars. A path that illuminates each step.

Kune Tulum creates experiences that transform. Live environments that connect you with different experiences, designed in close proximity to the land, water, and sky. From the bottom of each cenote, the sacred water that nourishes all life, the vegetation that populates the ground, the imposing jungle under the celestial sphere, and each of its components that make up the cosmic orchestra of the ecosystem.





  • Pub
  • Pool for Family
  • Rooftop Pool
  • Firepit
  • Solarium
  • Lounge area
  • Hammocks
  • Garden
  • Kids area
  • Gym
  • SPA





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