Kiino Cozumel | Apartments for Sale

  • From $142,000/USD
North Hotel Zone, Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico
New Development Friends & Family Opportunity
Kiino Cozumel | Apartments for Sale
North Hotel Zone, Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico
  • From $142,000/USD

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KIINO COZUMEL is a residential complex with 48 apartments for sale and more than 20 amenities. K’iino Cozumel is located in the exclusive Cozumel Country Club, surrounded by golf courses and nature at the north of Cozumel Island, Quintana Roo, Mexico.




Kiino Cozumel privileged location at the north of Cozumel Island, offers the possibility of bonding with the caribbean natural environment, allowing visitors and residents to enjoy a relaxing unique atmosphere made by the tropical natural elements of the surrounding ecosystems. In addition to having an extensive biosphere reserve surface, the inmmediate ocean zone has become one of the main attraction of the island, its beautiful reef areas makes Cozumel one of the very first options as a destination for diving enthusiasts.




Through architectural and urban design we seek to integrate the built elements into their immediate context in a respectful way, positively rewarding the ecosystem environment. One of the main objectives of KIINO COZUMEL was to prioritize the use of green micro infrastructures that would make the project a sustainable element within its context over time.


We seek to be an example of sustainable development that promotes the island’s tourism potential in a responsible way towards the environment.




Kiino Cozumel is part of Cozumel Country Club in the border that contains the island’s natural reserve, this allows us to enjoy unique views and environments of the Caribbean, while having the opportunity and responsibility to promote a healthy bond with nature and keep it trought out the future. The location of the golf course allows direct interaction with this preservation area, ensuring as well that there will be no immediate urban growth in this area, keeping a calm residential area.


Cozumel Country Club Master Plan


Currently Cozumel Country Club contemplates 11 macro lots that together offer a diversity of uses both for housing, as commercial and recreational equipment, it also integrates a preservation zone as a visual attraction to the recreational areas, this creates an interactive border with controlled activities within the all that contribute to good care, maintenance and safe preservation of the mangrove swamp.


One of the objectives of the CCC Master Plan is to satisfy the housing needs of the market, while at the same time being a driving force for Caribbean tourism; this by offering infrastructures and services that arise from an integral vision between the urban system and the environment. As part of the strategy, Kiino Cozumel proposes a Master Plan whose guideline is a virtuous link in the integration of built elements, the existing golf course, recreational areas and ecological preservation zones that will be repeated throughout each development phase.




The concept from which Kiino Cozumel Where Life Begins arises, is aligned with the objectives of Cozumel Country Club’s general strategy, it look to be a role model of living in balance with their


The design of Kiino Cozumel privileges the relationship of interior spaces with the exterior ones, highlighting through the distribution and architectonic desgin many views as possible, this is achieve by relating private exterior areas with the extensive common areas that preserve the unique essence and atmosphere of the site.


One of the main strengths of the project is the effi ciency of the modular construction system that makes it up, which allows fl exibility in distribution and typology diversity, thereby guaranteeing efficiency in satisfying market preferences.




Kiino Cozumel is made up of 2 buildings with 8 standard modules each, each one has a total of 3 free floors; one per level. The above results in a total of 48 free fl oors units, with the possibility of being subdivided in half, in order to expand the ways of confi guration using the different types according to the market demand. Also, in the interior distribution of each typology, more than one option is offered in the confi guration of some spaces to mostly satisfy the client’s preferences.


Example; kitchen to the front or back, adaptation of a space as a T.V room or extra bedroom. Considering the market study and perception of the site, the following quantities of each unit (table) are considered for the total confi guration of the project, however throughout stages 2 and 3 there may be modifications if the market behavior determines it.


1. The SUITE TERRACE typology corresponds to half of a free floor in the first floor. This allows it to be purchased as an independent unit, thus being the smallest typology.


2. This half module makes it possible to acquire the Suite as an extension of another typology (VG, VR, FR, FT, FG) connecting them through interior stairs with dividing door. This latest version offers a comfortable possibility of renting the space as a Suite without losing control of access to the interior.





  • Vehicle access
  • Parking lot
  • Palapa with pedestrian access
  • Access garden | Water mirror
  • North pool
  • West pool
  • Garden | Water mirror
  • Firepits area
  • Hammock area
  • Lounge area
  • Children area
  • Bike Parking
  • Internet in Common Areas (Free for Kiino Residents)
  • Pet Friendly
  • Common Laundry Room
  • Golf Special Promos (Only for Kiino Residents)
  • 24hr. Security
  • Kiino Surveillance Module
  • Cozumel Country Club Access
  • Surveillance Module




Housing Administration


  •  Rent
  •  Maintenance Fee
  •  Housekeeping
  •  Internet Services
  •  Laundry Service
  •  Snack Bar Room Service
  •  Snack Bar Pool Service
  •  Massage, Facial, Pedicure and Manicure





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