Hunab Ku Sanctuary Tulum | Apartments for Sale

  • From $159,000/USD
Region 8, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexicó
New Development Friends & Family Opportunity Plunge Pool
Hunab Ku Sanctuary Tulum | Apartments for Sale
Region 8, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexicó
  • From $159,000/USD

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HUNAB KU SANCTUARY is a residential complex with 86 apartments in Region 8 a few kilometers from the sea, opening the paths from the roots of the earth from the door of our temazcal that merges architecturally at the mouth of a water reservoir, a source of life and energy represented by a Kukulkan masterpiece on our main pool.




Hunab Ku Sanctuary Tulum with that name is to manifest wisdom in all our ways through waves of energy, light and unconditional love, proclaiming detachment for success, permeated in the 86 units that will make this building the heart that makes it beat.


Welcome to an experience of history, culture, interior design and architecture, welcome to our family. Hunab Ku Sanctuary!




Hunab-Ku, a Mayan word that, broken down, shouts its strength, being HUN=UNIQUE, NAB=MOVEMENT AND/OR MEASUREMENT and KU=GIVING, was considered as the integrity of the universe and the earth with human life, making everything complementary.





Entering a place full of ancestral luxury has not been within everyone’s reach, valuing and discovering the benefits of the planet on a daily basis is a lifestyle in which very few of us have been able to merge. Leaving the big cities to connect and immerse ourselves in our roots no matter what part of the world we come from is living Hunab-ku Sanctuary ; it is to recognize our existence from mother earth, from the origin of the human and the ancestral.


Hunab Ku Sanctuary; it is an architectural door that leads us to honor the origin of our name, being a unique complex, full of movement, unified and concentrated thanks to the sum of ideas and energy of a team that today gathers as a family to present this project.


The Mayan noun has been the object of study for years, and today we join the historical event of the origin itself since we understand and recognize this architectural sanctuary as a great source of energy, as the heart and creative force of human existence, thanks At the materialization of this project we feel more alive than ever.


For us today Hunab-Ku Sanctuary , is our superior force that from the energy puts us in the center of the galaxy as our ancestors would say, for whom, in the same way, it represented the most sacred and instead of pronouncing its existence, it was sighed and discovered in each movement, and this project is just that, the sum of architectural movements sheltered by unique syncretisms to the exact measure in the fusion of spaces.


This divinity that gives life and movement was considered the source of energy that connected all living beings, just as we consider and create these architectural environments surrounded by nature and spaces created by artisans from the region, where we are sure that we will see families get together, meeting friends and strangers forming a community that rediscover and live the value of contemporary luxury that connects with nature and our soul at the same time in each of the corners of Hunab-Ku Sanctuary.





Hunab ku-Sanctuary; It is the combination of interior design and architecture that seeks to generate a sensory and architectural experience for the guest in every corner of the complex, from its Moka marble floors inside the rooms, the granite floor in the halls that connects us with that porous atmosphere of the region, to the furniture in zonified woods such as Tzalam or Parota carved by Mexican artisans.


In addition to the ancestral details on the walls with Mayan stone walls texturing the experience, coupled with the beautiful chukum technique, unique color treatment of southern Mexico that hand in hand with the gardens, give life and color to each one of the spaces that form Hunab-Ku Sanctuary.


Hunab ku-Sanctuary Tulum will have an irrigation and collection irrigation system, which will favor the environment, also Hunab-Ku seeks to contribute to the economic and cultural development of the region, of the country and definitely of our investors, making this place a meeting point for co-responsibility and love for the environment and nature.





  • Maya stone
  • Chukum
  • Travertine Marble moka
  • Granite floor
  • Matte black accessories
  • Parota
  • Tzalam




  • Hospitals
  • Gym
  • Cenotes
  • International Airport
  • Organic Markets
  • Rental Bike
  • Gym
  • Gastronomic Culture
  • Beach Club
  • Maya Train
  • Security





  • Grill
  • Temazcal
  • Gym
  • Restaurant
  • Childish Games
  • Massage Zone
  • Kukulkan Pool
  • Board Room
  • Adult Games
  • Underground Parking
  • Yoga Area
  • Tours and Transportation
  • Nidos Lookout photo moments






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