Green Dream Tulum | Homes for sale in Tulum

  • From $424,400/USD
Av.Coba, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
New Development Financing 30/70 Friends & Family
Green Dream Tulum | Homes for sale in Tulum
Av.Coba, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
  • From $424,400/USD

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1 Bedroom House for sale in Tulum

2 Bedroom House for sale in Tulum

3 Bedroom House for sale in Tulum

4 Bedroom House for sale in Tulum

5 Bedroom House for sale in Tulum


GREEN DREAM TULUM is an Ecological gated community with 134 Lots, and 2 house models: Casa Olas and Casa Hongos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-bedroom houses for sale in Tulum. Amenities in Green Dream Tulum include a Pool, Picnic Area with Grills, Multipurpose Bamboo Palapa, children’s Play Area, Calisthenics Gym, Bathrooms and Outdoor Showers, Waste Disposal & Recycling Area, Healing Area, Common Area, Walking Paths, Cenote, Temezcal with Circle of Fire, Ceremonies Palapa, Fruit Trees, Melipona Beehive, Security Booth, and much more.





Green Dream Tulum is located strategically 2.7 miles from Tulum Town and 10 minutes from the Hotel Zone; a location with great added value and growth.


Travel time from Green Dream to:


  • Tulum town: bike – 15 minutes, car – 5 minutes
  • Ηotel zone: bike – 25 minutes, car – 10 minutes





Green Dream Tulum is a residential with land lots with green areas, where you can build your house, it has diverse amenities and a private cenote for you to experience nature to the fullest.


  • Single-family units
  • Footprint of 25 % of the land
  • Construction on 2 levels or 9 meters high





10,763 Sq.Ft. – 1,000 M2


  • Approx measurement 75 ft.x 144 ft; 23 m² x 44 m²
  • 2 5 % Footprint
  • Green belt


21,527 Sq.Ft. – 2,000 M2


  • Approx measurement 121 ft.x 154 ft; 36 m² x 46 m²
  • 2 5 % Footprint
  • Green belt





Imagine how you would like to build your home in the middle of the Jungle surrounded by the tranquility that nature gives you. Living fences, made with natural or ecological materials, Max. height 3 Mts. A design that allows the free passage of wildlife, leaving the green belt outside.





There are 2 house models at Green Dream Tulum: CASA OLAS, also known as Waves House, and CASA HONGOS, also known as Mushroom House. The houses have an innovative new concept for sustainable living that melds perfectly its environment. At Love Tulum Eco Developments, we’re driven by our mission to create spaces where both residents and their surroundings can remain healthy, comfortable, and in harmony with nature.





The Bioconstruction techniques used at Green Dream Tulum are rooted in natural and local materials like bamboo produced in Mexico, reclaimed sustainable wood, limestone, earth, and water that let us be creative and lithe in our constructions, letting them flow with nature and give a true feeling of wellness to their inhabitants.





Fractal Architecture at Green Dream Tulum, a fractal repeats a mathematical pattern at different scales. In nature, we find them in clouds, in mountains, in cenotes…and in snowflakes, to name a few. With fractal architecture, we borrow from one of nature’s best ideas, allowing us to expand construction and living spaces in a way that connects us with everything that surrounds us, creating a natural flow of energy. We base our work on sacred geometry to build design patterns that are not only stunning to look at but jibe with nature.





The walls are built under parametric bamboo construction systems, with earth and lime finishes, that use to generate organic waves-like forms that create continuous movement with the air and winds of the Mayan jungle. It’s commonly known that the tensile strength of bamboo is compared to that of steel. It also has the robustness to bend and flex long before it can break, achieving a solid, organic, and sustainable structure.





The roof is built with parametric bamboo fiber and ‘concrete ‘ (coconut fiber paste, lime, sand, 3% cement, and ash) finish. Durability and quality are guaranteed thanks to an impermeable finish, using a waterproofing substance made with recycled tires.





Green Dream Tulum houses allow an organic flow between the outside and the inside of the dwelling, creating a subtle non-existent border that gives us the sensation of a single environment.


ESCAPE TO THE JUNGLE. To improve our relationship with nature, human beings must guide our thoughts in positive ways and seek to be introspective, something which can escape us if we’re not aware of it.


We support this at Green Dream Tulum, designing spaces with lines that vanish toward nature, pulling us into a place where we can observe and simply be. Architecture inspired by life gives us peace. It is a refuge that feeds us creative and fulfilling energy, and a place in harmony with nature that radiates positivity.


The architecture of LIFE gives us peace, it is a refuge and a guide to feed creative energy, a place in harmony with nature to help us vibrate higher, as people and as families.





The movement, the forms, its elements, and inhabitants are all part of the natural work of art called the Selva Maya, which CASA OLAS and CASA HONGOS frame from within, allowing it to be admired alongside every moment lived inside the walls. It consists of private but also collective spaces that allow Green Dream Tulum to be a community for living and for the creation of a better planet.


Curves that frame nature like a work of art!





Each room has an exterior view that promotes reflection, without losing privacy.





Casa Olas and Casa Hongos are designed with curved geometry that ebbs and flows like the waves of the sea, allowing a feeling of lightness, as if the home floated…


Crafted from zapote and bamboo wood, a 12-meter-high tower will be built to allow us to observe and appreciate the natural wealth that we have in Tulum, and at the same time value and care for it. Observing the majesty of the Selva Maya from above inspires us, and grows our appreciation of where we’ve been blessed to live. Like a fractal, we know the energy will replicate within our communities.


The future awaits and we’re working to build it right. By weaving ourselves organically into the earth, we can vibrate in closer accordance with its laws, and be a better part of it as humans. As artists, we’ve chosen to copy what Mother Earth has given us rather than push against it. It’s our way of carving a continued path toward sustainability, taking inspiration from our ancestors, building from scratch, together with the land… and drawing from our whole spirit as we go.


After all, the first law of sacred geometry is the void – Green Dream Tulum has those voids full of energy, the circle is the first geometry, a spiral from where life begins.


Floating magic in the Mayan Jungle!





* Prices do not include pool or tower pool price: 45,000 USD. Tower price: 55,000 USD. Payment method 50% at the signing of the contract. 50 % paid in 12-month installments, interest-free. Building time 18 months from the date of contract signature.


* Lot price included




  • 90% Guarantee Deposit- 10% Upon Deed
  • 30 % Guarantee Deposit – 70% monthly installments 12 or 24 months interest-free


Join the GREEN Re-evolution!





  • Entrance booth with security 24 / 7
  • Healing area and common area of 2.2 acres – More than 2.5 acres of common areas including walking paths
  • and cenote.
  • Temezcal with a circle of fire and ceremonies palapa.
  • 1.67 Miles of walking paths – with fruit trees and melipona beehives in roundabouts.
  • Private Cenote
  • Pool – Ecologically treated
  • Picnic area with grills
  • Multipurpose bamboo palapa
  • Childrens play area
  • Calisthenics Gym
  • Bathrooms and outdoor showers
  • Waste Management: Waste Disposal & Recycling area





  • Free WiFi in Common areas
  • Underground electricity installation (CFE)
  • Installation for municipal Water supplier (CAPA)
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant for up to 4-6 people
  • Fibre optic internet supplier available





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