Core Tulum | Studio Apartments for Sale

  • From $89,000/USD
Region 15, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
New Development Friends & Family Opportunity Swim Up
Core Tulum | Studio Apartments for Sale
Region 15, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
  • From $89,000/USD

Available Units

Studio Condo for sale in Tulum


Efficiency apartments for sale in Tulum. CORE TULUM is a residential project with 30 studio apartments for sale, and 50 sqm prototype models with options for Swim up or Balcony. Core Tulum has an avant-garde design with amenities such as Rooftop, Pool, Solarium, Security 24/7, Lobby, etc.




Core Tulum is located in Region 15, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.




Core Tulum is a medium size development with 30 units for sale, it is developing in a fast growing area, sorrounded by other developments from the same family, such as: Areia, Neo, Sober, Ayook, Areia Plaza and more coming soon.





  • Comfort
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Terraza Swim up o Balcony




  • As an investor, you obtain title to the purchased unit.
  • When owning the property title, if the investor wishes to sell, it is simply done as an apartment.
  • You must have the unit fully furnished and with the necessary hotel equipment for the operation.
  • The building also has all the necessary amenities to operate as a hotel (Reception, restaurant, pool, gym).
  • Obtains the hotel rent equal to that of a hotel owner in the proportion of the investment.
  • The owners enjoy 30 annual days of use of the unit at no cost, with hotel service.
  • For owners and direct family members, there is always an offer of 25% discount on the BAR, as long as there is availability in all the hotels of You and Us Hotels.
  • The ROI is deposited in the currency that the client wants, subject to the exchange rate on the day of payment.
  • You and Us Hotels will send monthly reports of income and expenses from the rental pool.
  • There will be a corporate web page for each development with an online booking engine to verify prices and availability.


ROI at Core Tulum


Investment Return Forecast for the next 5 years. The return on investment is contemplated taking into account the purchase of the unit. The year begins to count 6 months after the hotel opening of the building:


  • Año 18.10%
  • Año 2 9.71%
  • Año 3 11.44%
  • Año 4 13.37%
  • Año 5 15.53%




For the guest the CONDO-HOTEL is the same as a hotel, but with larger and better-equipped rooms. You and Us Hotels offer to operate your department under a concept of hotel operation by transforming it into a CONDO-HOTEL.


  • A CONDO-HOTEL is a property whose apartment units belong to individual investors.
  • Each room is a functional unit, like an apartment, and its owner has a title to it.


Goodwill of the unit by belonging to a hotel chain. Belong to an Income Pool ROI based on the total price of the property investment, regardless of the individual income of each unit. Rent without complications: the hotel works for the investor, and the investor does not have to deal with anything. You and Us Hotels are in charge of all the operational aspects of the apartments and the condominium. Unification of rates in all channels and markets.

Safe investment: the Hotel is backed by a quality property, located in the main premium areas of tourist destinations. Access to other You and Us Hotels hotels, restaurants, and tours with special promotions. High rent: the rent of a Hotel is much higher than the rent of residential rentals.

Unit in perfect condition at all times. 5-star hotel operation, complete commercial operation, and access to additional sales channels. Services included in the operation (electricity, gas, water, wifi, and satellite TV).





It is the joint operation of the different departments to transform them into a hotel complex. The first goal of the rental pool is to meet the expectations of the “Return on Investment” (ROI) of the owners. Using the professional relationship that exists with its commercial partners, You and Us Hotels will promote the condominium as a hotel, associate it, and through the different markets and sales channels, achieve a necessary occupancy for “Return on Investment”.





You and Us Hotels will receive an agreed percentage from the utility The payment is quarterly in arrears, for which you will receive 4 payments If the owner wants to charge in a foreign currency, the amount in pesos will change to the currency of his choice according to the change of the day Operator and owner we become partners in the operation of the hotel Hotel income statement where the profit will go partly to the owners, and partly to the operation.





The Hotel works under the RENT POOL system. Al adquirir su departamento y pertenecer a You and Us Hotels, será parte de una operación en conjunto denominada pool de rentas y las ganancias del negocio se distribuirán según el indiviso resultante de los precios de compra. You and us Hotels will take care of everything related to your department in terms of customer service and attention.

You and Us Hotels also care for marketing, marketing, resources human resources, administration, and operation of the same, including the individual services of each unit (electricity, water, internet, cable, and operational maintenance).





Due to the quality standards of the Hotel, it is necessary to carry out an evaluation to respect the guidelines of marketing as a hotel. This means that a basic package must be acquired that maintains operational quality standards, and allows the operation to offer uniformity in facilities and services.





The great benefit of the hotel operation is the diversity of marketing channels. Not only are vacation rental channels attacked (such as Airbnb, VrBo, and HomeAway) but with the hotel operation we reach all markets and sales channels likely to sell the Riviera Maya, for example:





Tour operators and groups Large groups.





Our mission is to offer visitors the best experience in all our hotels and put the name of Mexico in high, as well as offer to the owners of the resorts we operate comfort and results

We are a new company with more than 30 years of experience in marketing and hotel operations in Andorra and Spain, Yucatan and Riviera Maya in Mexico. We are a company with more than 12 years of experience in Mexico in the hospitality industry, creation and management of successful tour operators such as Koox Hotels KLR Sercotel Mexico and currently You & Us Hotels. management in the catering area investors in hotels and restaurants.





Hotansa is the largest hotel chain in Andorra with twenty hotels, twenty restaurants, and management of more than 1,500 rooms. Comprehensive management of hotels and restaurants in ski resorts.

Koox Ηotels is a company created in 2012, having 26 hotels in 5 destinations in the Yucatan Peninsula Sold in 2016 The best price for your vacation in #Mérida #PlayadelCarmen #Mahahual #Tecoh #Cancun live the experience #WelcomeHome 26 Properties 5 Destinations

KLR Luxury Residences is a Hotel and Condo-Hotel operator associated with Sercotel España and Choice Hotels, the second largest hotel chain worldwide 5 destinations 14 Hotels and Condo hotels





As of November 2022, 4 destinations and 9 properties. Planned for 2023 to reach 15 properties.


  • Casona 61 boutique hotel
  • Ah xok Suites
  • Sole Suites
  • Areia Ηotel & Suites Tulum
  • Lik Tulum lifestyle apartments
  • Paam Cheel
  • Lik Organic
  • Lik Zama II
  • Aqua Star hotel & apartments
  • Quinto Sole hotel
  • Matan Kaan
  • Residencias Mahahual





We transform apartment buildings into hotels, giving them a quality service, taking care of the facilities and marketing in all sales channels of the destination to offer them the highest possible return on investment.




  • Develop your business with a global leader
  • Make commercialization overall and diversified
  • Maximize the profitability of your property
  • Works with strong brands to increase the potential of your
  • Hotel Visibility and greater scope with hotel operation



FEATURES at Core Tulum


  • Pool
  • Solarium
  • Security 24/7
  • Elevator
  • Lobby
  • Rooftop






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