Bak Tulum

  • From $1,797,909/MXN
Tulum Ruins, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Pre-Construction Opportunity
Bak Tulum
Tulum Ruins, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
  • From $1,797,909/MXN

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Land Lote for sale in Tulum


Bak Tulum offers residential lots for sale in a closed condominium with common areas designed to cultivate wellness practices, creative work and a deep connection with ourselves, the human race and nature.



A Conscious community


Tulum attracts people with an emerging counterculture and cosmopolitan vision, who not only vacation, but embark on personal adventures. In our community you will have access to spaces with a robust offering of healing and programming to feed body, mind and soul.


Bak Tulum offers a variety of inspired spaces for healing, such as: a clubhouse where we will gather under one roof to discuss and / or discuss creative issues, collaborations and meetings of importance to the community. An observation tower to gain perspective and appreciation of our surroundings, the stars, the sunrise and the sunset.


An extensive pool for families and all ages. A play area with organic and imaginative objects for the little ones to explore. A community garden where residents can grow local plants and herbs, perform behaviors, and participate in class on gardening and healing properties of the region.


A yoga room to host meditation classes and different activations of healing sound ceremonies, Cacao ceremonies and Moon circles. Two healing pools, with an outdoor fire pit, where you can receive aquatic therapies and flower essences baths.


“Bak Tulum is organized in four villages that they honor the great elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth.



Spread over 9 hectares, Bak Tulum has two hundred residential lots ranging from: 160 m2 to 250 m2, four multi-density lots, three apartment lots and 2,800 m2 of community spaces inspired by wellness and healing.



Master Plan & Residential Lots


The project setup was done to maximize the sense of community, while preserving front and back views of the local jungle. Each footprint of the residences foresees 5 meters of conservation area in the front restriction and another 3 meters in the rear restriction.


All roads in the project have a tree-lined section 5 meters wide. Those adjoining lots at the back will have a space of 6 meters between each residence and some more will have the project’s conservation areas as adjoining.


At Bak Tulum we want to support our residents in every possible area so that building their home is an exciting and rewarding process at the same time. Our extensive and well-explained Design Guidelines outline the design standards required to achieve and maintain Bak Tulum’s cohesive aesthetic while opening the creative door for each resident to explore.


Living in Bak Tulum means having access to an abundance of positive energy through spaces and activities designed to nurture the spirit. Being able to bike to the beach or town, participate in the community recycling program.


It means that your maintenance fees include not only gardening and operation, but earth healing ceremonies to maintain the vibrational energy of the place. It means the smell of blessed Copal and herbal teas in the Clubhouse and crystals under the yoga studio floor.


We offer long-term investment strategies and financial assistance to help you acquire our lots from anywhere in the world.


Tulum is more than an experience, it is a lifestyle. Its magical energy calls out a special kind of Soul. Souls who recognize that life is a journey of transformation. That each day is an opportunity and a gift To feel alive, magical and in the spiritual world.


For those souls who want to be awake at all times. And give your presence and intention to the world. To co-create a more conscious planet. And join with others in a community of twin energies. Bak Tulum, a new way of living in Tulumeño de Corazón.





  • Club house
  • Tennis court
  • Playground for Minors
  • Yoga studio
  • Healing Pools
  • Pools for everyone
  • Bike paths
  • Community Garden



Why buy in Bak Tulum


  • Unique concept ‘’ Conscious Community ’’
  • The best location in Tulum near the beach and downtown Tulum
  • Excellent capital gain on your investment in the short & long term
  • We offer pre-sale prices
  • Premium infrastructure
  • Residential development with controlled access
  • 24/7 security
  • Variety of amenities
  • Residential lots with very affordable prices
  • We offer payment plans





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